Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things that I've Been LOVING!


I ment to post this in a video, but I'm looking a little haggard, and my voice sounds like a grandma's so it goes in here! (thanks to mono for that !) 
Most of these products can be found in haul videos on my youtube account!

1) 187 Brush 
Okay, so I jumped on the bandwagon, and picked up this brush! Total Love! This brush is so multipurpose its unbelievable. I use it EVERYDAY. You can use this for liquid, powder, blending out my BeneFit High Beam/Moonbeam. I especially love it for my MSF's. If you are going to get one mac face brush, get this one!

2) Rubenesque Paint Pot. 

I didn't use this for the LONGEST time. but, I've been using it really often now. If I'm in a hurry, or don't know what else to do for an eye look, I find myself reaching for this. It looks really good by itself or with Woodwinked in the eye crease. It's the perfect 5 Minute eye look. 

3) Love Nectar Lusterglass.

This is the perfect "sexy" lips look. Its a beautiful peachy color with gold shimmers. Enough said!

4) Petticoat MSF

This MSF is love! OMG it is so pretty, its like a pinky, bronzy golden bronzer/blush. It is so gorgeous. It gives you a perfect flush, I like it with the 187 brush, because the color is super build-able, but I also like a light dusting of it all over my face, it gives you a glowing radiance. 

Thats It! 

Makeup Forever Setting Powder

I've been looking for something to set my liquid foundation with for a while, and while i've heard really good reviews on M.A.C Invisible Setting Powder, its a pro item. I know you can get pro stuff, without being a pro, it's just really inconvenient for me, due to the fact the nearest pro store to me is around an hour away. I've also been hearing some really good things about Makeup Forever Microfinish Loose Powder, which is $30 dollars from Sephora. The thing that is cool about this product is that it is %100 pure silica, meaning it will be super soft. And, I am prone to oily skin, so this should help dry up any excess oils.  

Although I have pretty good skin, so I only use liquid foundations when I'm breaking out or need a little bit more coverage. Right now, I'm using M.A.C Mineralized Satinfinish Liquid, applied with the 187 brush, which gives FLAWLESS coverage, and I've just been setting it with a bit of MSF in Medium. but, I usually just use the MSF, so the liquid and powder is ALOT of coverage for me and usually feels pretty cakey.

Hopefully I'll pick the Makeup Forever Powder when I'm in Buffalo!