Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hey everybody!

Long time no talk :( I'm so sorry i've been neglecting my beauty blog. This is going to be a long ass entry so brace yourself! I'm really feeling the holiday season this year, and cannot wait for Christmas! Its coming up very shortly and I'm still not totally ready. My brother and myself got my mother a Coach Bag, as well a scarf! (how good are we) as we'll as a bracelet from a really funky place in our hometown. Then we got her some random cosmetics for her stocking. My dad is quite possibly the hardest person to shop for, but we got him a really cool vintage Guinness Beer picture for his bar&grill, and a really cool fedora hat. My bother is hard core into the wwe so we got him tickets for the one in Toronto. I'm also doing a Sephora/Mac Haul when we go down. So excited for that. New Updates Soon!

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