Tuesday, April 21, 2009


hey guys- long time no post, and I'm so sorry, I actually sort of forgot I had a beauty blog, so sorry :( I fail at beauty blogging, and actually at youtube too. I made this resulution to make videos EVERY SECOND DAY! and I haven't. :( I know I fail. But, if any of you guys ever want to get in contact with me, check out my twitter, under the same name as my blog, but I promise to update my blog more. I'm at around 120 suscribers on yt which is really exicting for me, cause I never started yt looking for 100k suscribers, I just sort of did it for myself, and for a way for me to sort of find a new community for my makeup addiction. Only two of my girlfriends are into makeup, and I'm way heavier into it than you Deanna! hah ah and no one else including my family gets my obsession with makeup :(. And, none of my friends know about my internet makeup life, lol. its not like I'm ashamed or anything its just my thing, and I know my guy friends would chirp the shit out of me lol, they like to give me a hard time lol :) 

i'm going to upload some reviews next, as well as my favorite products for right now :) 

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